June 14, 2009

-Pictured here is Helen Talton's mother standing out in the yard with part of the Scott Drive-In off in the background. This photo was taken at the family's house that sat in the fork between Scott Blvd and Church St. Note that the structure to the right of the lady is a billboard and not the main marquee for the drive-in. I'm not 100% sure but I think they may have used this billboard to advertise upcoming attractions for the Scott Drive-In. This image is from the 50's. I had this copied off from a photo slide so that's why the quality is very clear being a color photo from the 50's! Thanks to Helen Talton for finding this image!

Pictured here is the little dollhouse that sat out behind the marquee at the Scott Drive-In. The building was actually a storage shed but it looked like a little mansion. This is where they stored the letters to change out the marquee. This was a neat little landmark there at the Scott! Photo is from the 50's. Thanks to Helen Talton for finding this image!

Photos submitted by Tommy Holcombe

Thanks to Helen Talton for sharing her pictures and thanks to Tommy Holcombe for sending them in to this site.

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