April 30, 2009

April 23, 2009

Aerial views of the Scott Drive-In Theatre from 1974

Hi Dennis,

Here's something you might enjoy adding to the Scott Drive-In's website!I got from the Georgia DOT. Enclosed here are two aerial view pics of the Scott Drive-In from 1974. One being an aerial view of the whole drive-in, the other being a zoom up from the same picture of the second marquee that stood at the Scott. I figured you might enjoy adding these to the collection there on the site! Well have a great one my friend and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Enjoy The 1974 Aerial Views Of The Scott!
Tommy Holcombe
Thanks Tommy, These are great.

April 21, 2009

Two Drawings of Decatur's Scott Drive-In

These are drawings of the Scott Drive-In as it looked in the 70's.

The drawings presented on this site are originals by Chris McLaughlin. Chris specializes in the creation of artistic renderings of historical and architectural subjects.

Please visit his Gallery site for a sampling of the artist's works.

Chris, both of these are great drawings.

Special Thanks to Tommy Holcombe for sending these in and getting Chris' permission for me to post both drawiwngs on this site.

Thanks to the both of you.


April 17, 2009

Aerial View Of Scott Drive-In From 1975

Hi Dennis,
Here's another item for you to post on the Scott Drive-In's website! Enclosed here is an aerial view of part of Scott Drive-In from 1975. I got this photo from the Georgia DOT.
Enjoy! Tommy Holcombe

April 16, 2009

Scott Drive-In Marquee was moved to The Gwinnett Drive-in

When the Scott Drive-In closed The Gwinnett Drive-In needed a new marquee, so they were happy to get, all they had to do is change the word Scott to Gwinnett .

Comment from Tommy Holcombe
When the Scott Drive-In closed in 1977 they actually moved there newer marquee to the Gwinnett Drive-In that was located in Norcross, GA. Enclosed here are some pics that I took of the newer marquee when it stood at the Gwinnett Drive-In. Pics are from 1979. If anyone out there has any pics of this same sign when it stood at the Scott Drive-In please send them into this site!

Thanks!!! Tommy Holcombe